Monday, 29 August 2011

Romans, Spies and Ballerinas Make Up Children’s Fantasy School Uniform

Playmobil research reveals traditional school wear is due for a shake up.

With only a matter of weeks until the start of a new school term, UK children are crying out for an opportunity to give the traditional school uniform a makeover of a lifetime. Given the choice, children would wave goodbye to the standard white shirt, smart trousers and sensible shoes in favour of a unique combination of their favourite costumes.

According to research by toy experts Playmobil, the fantasy school uniform for boys is a Roman soldier’s helmet on their head, a secret agent’s suit accessorised with sunglasses and high tech gizmos, finished off with a pair of trainers!

Girls take a daintier approach opting for a ballerina’s tutu, crowned with a princess tiara and, like the boys, a pair of trainers to complete the look.

Although unconventional, and certainly defying the dress codes of most schools, the designs undoubtedly earn top marks for originality.

The survey of over 600 children aged 5-11 was commissioned to mark the launch of Playmobil Fi?ures, a brand new range of interchangeable pocket money toys. Unlike current Playmobil characters, Fi?ures come unassembled meaning children can put them together, take them apart or mix and match body parts and accessories to create a brand new character, dressed in attire of their own design.

Commenting on the research, Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager for Playmobil said: “The fantasy school uniform is another great example of the limitless imagination of young children. We are strong believers that creative and imaginative play has a positive impact on a child’s development, and what’s more creative than giving children the opportunity to invent their own characters and stories.”

“It’s interesting to see the dream outfits take inspiration from popular toys and dressing up costumes. Although school children may not be able to exercise their creative flair with their uniforms just yet, they can design weird and wacky creations to their hearts content during play.”

Playmobil Fi?ures will consist of a series of 24 individually packaged figures, 12 themes for girls and 12 themes for boys, with each figure priced at just £1.99. The contents of the bag will be a mystery which is why the ‘g’ in figures is replaced with a ‘?’. Packaging for male and female characters differ in colour and children looking to collect the full set can swap characters with their friends or siblings.

Boys and girls will also be able to play with and collect individual characters without parents having to buy a whole playset and, as all Playmobil characters are built to identical dimensions, children can use their Fi?gures in existing ranges.

Playmobil Fi?ures are available from: John Lewis, Toys R Us and all good toystores.
Characters in Boys Series
Blue Knight
American Footballer
Masked Ranger
Pizza Chef
Rock Star Guitarist
American Campaigner
Grim Reaper
Dragon Knight

Characters in Girls series
Gemstone Princess
Rock Star Singer
Female Outlaw
Teenage Girl
Equestrian Woman
Mother with Baby

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