Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anti-technology App Helps Break Teenage Phone Addiction

In response to a report by Ofcom which claims 60% of teenagers are addicted to their mobiles, Scottish therapist, Andrew Johnson, has launched an ‘app’ which he claims will help them overcome this problem.

Entitled Disconnect, the app has had a reported 95% success rate amongst those who have used it in trials.

The recording lasts 30 minutes and is best listened to in bed last thing at night. After doing this for three weeks, most teenagers in the trial found their addiction to their mobile phone together with PlayStation, emails, Twitter and Facebook, has dissipated.

The app uses combination of relaxation techniques including deep breathing, visualisation and meditation allowing people to shift their perception of life without relying on technology.

Commenting on Disconnect, Andrew Johnson said: “It’s slightly ironic an app provides the most successful means of disconnecting with technology but it makes it widely accessible and cost-effective. Not only can it help teenagers but also business people who feel the need to check their in-box for emails every minute or feel naked without their Blackberry”.

Starting at £1.99 for the app, Disconnect is suitable for anyone from the age of 12 and up.
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