Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Little Terra Develops Online Guide To Child Back Carriers

Child back carriers are enjoying a growth in popularity, as parents enjoy the freedom and convenience of taking their youngster about the town or country without the limitations of a pushchair. But, choosing the right type of carrier can be a challenge, with so much choice and variety in the marketplace.

Now Little Terra has produced a free downloadable guide to help you make an informed choice when selecting a children’s back carrier.

Available online at the guide is packed full of information including fitting, frame construction, weight considerations and accessories.

Carolyn Budding, the managing director of Little Terra, said: “Child back carriers are invaluable pieces of gear when spending time outdoors with a youngster.

“They enable people to navigate across places that might be more difficult to access in a pushchair, such as over stiles during countryside walks, and children enjoy the elevated position and close contact to the carrier they offer.

“We recommend that carriers are generally suitable for children from six months who can sit unaided. However, coupled with the age factor, there are a number of areas to consider when purchasing this type of equipment and we hope this guide helps signpost people to make the right choice.”

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