Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hunter Launch Their 2012 Autumn/Winter Kids Collection

Designed to keep children's feet dry, Hunter Boots' new kids collection is perfect for school trips, rainy mornings and weekends spent in the great outdoors this Autumn. The new Autumn/Winter collection features brand new styles designed to be fun and useful, such as Hunter's first glow-in-the-dark boot and a roll-up kids welly boot.

With the nights drawing in, Hunter are proud to announce the launch of their new Kids collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. Featuring an amazing selection of colours, designs, features and accessories, Hunter Boot have created a collection that will keep kids and their parents happy.

Chris Dewbury, Sales Director at Hunter explains: “The team at Hunter are particularly happy with our latest kids collection because it offers so much choice for all the family, from boots, to socks, to bags. We're especially pleased with our Original Kids' Glow Boot which glows green in the dark and is fitted with light reflective strips and a reflective logo, making it perfect for after dark activities, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.”

As well as glowing green boots, Hunter's latest kids collection also offers a number of handy accessories that are great for kids and their parents, such as a mini version of the Classic Boot Bag, the Kids' Rucksack Boot Bag. The bag, which is available in two vibrant colours, fuschia and blue, is designed to be useful as well as stylish. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, a reinforced back panel, a reflective logo and an extra internal pocket, it can be used for much more than just carrying muddy wellies this Autumn.

Because the nights are getting darker and colder, Hunter know that keeping little toes toasty this Autumn is very important. So the collection also features a number of variations on their classic welly socks. Kids can choose to accessorise their welly boots with anything from classic school shades such as navy, green and black, or go for bright stripes that will add a pop of fun to their welly boots. The Autumn/Winter 2012 collection features Hunters Kids’ First Welly Socks which are designed to fit the smallest of feet.

Because welly boots can take up a lot of space in bags and the car, Hunter boots have put their innovative stamp on a pair of boots that kids can take with them easily when they travel. The Original Kids' Tour has a light, flexible leg crafted onto a durable Hunter rubber sole so it can be quickly rolled away and packed into a suitcase without taking up lots of space or weight. With a comfortable cuff top and Hunter buckle to the side, the Tour maintains its good looks, as well as its functionality, making it perfect for camping, weekends away and festivals.

Dewbury continues: “Hunter's Autumn/Winter Kids collection is inspired by our adult collection of wellington boots giving little ones the chance to have as much fun as mum and dad do in their Hunter boots. We've also added lots of little fun features, such as reflective strips and the added bonus of extra colours and accessories to make sure that kids feet are warm, dry and fashionable this year. ”

Hunter Original Kids’ boot is available in sizes 8 – 14 and the Hunter Kids’ First boot is available in sizes 4 – 1.

Monday, 3 September 2012 launches Baby Personality Quiz has launched a new, online Baby Personality Quiz which highlights several key traits to look out for when analysing a baby’s temperament.

With the help of the Baby Personality Quiz on the Children and Parenting Health Centre, users can identify their baby's personality by answering a series of simple questions about their behaviour. The results of the quiz can then be analysed to identify their behaviour patterns. Essential information about the best approach in managing a child's behaviour habits can also be found, with a simple step-by-step guide to keeping in sync with the baby. It could even help users to work in tandem with their child's temperament and personality to make life easier for both parent and child.

Whether the child is feisty or easy-going, the answer to identifying its personality and behaviour patterns lies in a number of key areas. According to paediatrician Dr William Carey, author of 'Understanding Your Child's Temperament', these include:

Activity/energy level - if the child has high or low energy levels, parents need to look for ways to keep them moving at a pace that's comfortable for them
Approach to newness - a naturally hesitant or shy baby will need extra reassurance and patience to overcome their shyness
Intensity - if a baby is laid back, they can get lost in the shuffle of family life and vice versa. If the baby is intense they must be taught to deal with the curves of life
Sensitivity - if a baby has high sensitivity to lights, noise or texture, parents must be patient and look for ways to avoid sensory overload such as the lighting and the type of clothes the baby wears.
Regularity - if everything is unpredictable, potty, naps, moods, parents have to let go of their controlling ways and loosen up. Conversely, if a baby likes structure, parents might have to adhere to the schedule they crave
Persistence - puzzles are great tools to lengthen attention span, along with a daily dose of bedtime reading.
Overall mood - parents should take the time to observe their baby's daily patterns and what makes them smile for a happier baby.

Peggy The Pug - how to use crowd funding for a charitable cause

Peggy The Pug TM fundraising campaign is live now on Peggy The Pug on Indiegogo for 45 more days.

Peggy is an inspiring little dog, who transforms people’s lives with her happiness and positivity. For this reason, Peggy's owner Sara decided to create a book composed by 30 bedtime stories (some true, some more imaginative) that parents will be able to read to their kids, or that kids will be able to read by themselves. Peggy’s stories are not only captivating and unique, but they are also interactive as kids will be able to discover new words, draw their own stories and learn while they read.

But since the team behind this lovely project always wanted to build a brand that was socially minded, they decided to do so by using a brand new way to raise money - crowd funding. With the help of, they built a campaign and they are now working hard to reach their goal. By helping them to raise money for this project, you will also contribute to help organisations working with kids.

In fact, thanks to your contribution, Peggy The Pug's team will be able to print the first 2,000 copies of the book and start distributing them to local libraries, pediatric hospitals, schools and organisations working with kids, completely FREE of charge!

With this money, they will also be able to run a small online advertising campaign to promote the sales of the book online on their website.
Also, they will create a version of the book for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and other tablets and/or phones.

If they beat the goal of 15,000 USD then they already have more ideas that will make your book an extremely interactive story thanks to some magic technology and they will also print even more copies!

With Peggy The Pug learning is fun and accessible to everybody!

The book is currently available in both English and Italian.

How can you also help?

- If you are a journalist, a blogger or you just have many online friends, then spread the voice about our project!
- Like them on Facebook
- Share this on your Facebook wall: COPY AND PASTE (including this)! By helping Peggy The Pug project on Indiegogo, you will help them to raise money for a great cause! If they reach their goal they will print and GIVE AWAY 2000 copies of their children book to paediatric hospitals, schools, libraries and other organisation working with children! With as little as 25 USD you will get a hard copy of the book for yourself and you will help other kids! They ship worldwide! HELP NOW on!
- Are you a distributor or you would like to retail Peggy’s book offline in your country? Please get in touch with Sara ASAP
- Other ideas? Please contact us!

Thank you!

Sara, Peggy and the team of Peggy The Pug TM.