Thursday, 23 August 2012

Disney Princess-Style Locks for Little Princesses!

Disney Rapunzel Straighten & CrimpNew Disney Princess Haircare Range:
- Beautifully designed Disney Princess Hair care products
- Caring features which are kinder to the hair
- Unique child proof plug cover to stop your little princess using the product without adult supervision

Millions of children all over the world are enchanted by Disney and its wonderful character-filled world. And if your little girl is a Disney Princess fan she will love you styling her hair with these new Disney Princess haircare products, lovingly created in character. These include a fabulous range of electrical hair styling products that perfectly fit the unique Disney Princess characters – including, Cinderella; Rapunzel; Jasmine; Ariel; Belle and Aurora. Great for birthday and Christmas gift ideas and any other gifting treats, Disney Princess haircare products offer a fantastic choice of products to delight all Disney Princess fans!

Unique Patented Child Proof Safety Plug

Disney Princess haircare products include features that have caring properties for younger hair, and every product comes with a free unique patented child proof plug cover, to stop your little princess from using the product without adult supervision. Simply fit the child proof plug cover onto the product’s plug when not in use. You can remove the cover when you are ready to style your little girl’s hair.

Disney Princess Rapunzel

Known for her highly curious nature and sense of adventure, Rapunzel is also famous for her amazingly long locks. These new haircare products featuring Rapunzel are designed to help create lots of beautiful styles in minutes. Choose from Straighten & Crimp (a combination Straightener and Crimper); a Multi-Styler (with lots of different styling attachments to create masses of princess hairstyles); and a fabulous Hairdryer Gift Set (which includes a Hairdryer, a Disney Princess carry case; hairbrush and hairclips).

Disney Princess Jasmine

An exotic, fiery beauty, Jasmine’s long, smooth and silky hair glistens in the night sky when she is flying high over Agrabah on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin. She styles her hair with a stunning royal jewel head band and neatly tied back with a ribbon. The Jasmine Micro Dryer lets you style your little girl’s hair in lots of different ways quickly and easily, leaving it soft and shiny just like Jasmine’s hair.

Disney Princess Ariel

Ariel has a feisty spirit, that matches her very distinctive long flowing red hair. The distinctive red colour makes her stand out amongst the other magical under the sea characters. The Ariel Ceramic Straighteners lets you straighten your little girl’s hair with care and control, leaving it soft and shiny so she too can feel like a princess.

Disney Princess Belle

Belle is known for her spirit and natural beauty and likes to experiment with different hairstyles for her long flowing brown locks. The Disney Princess Belle Dream Dryerlets you style your little girl’s hair in lots of different ways, the dryer’s Ionic feature,leaving hairwonderfully soft and shiny just like Belle’s.

DisneyPrincess Cinderella

Cinderella wasn’t born a princess, but she has all the natural graciousness and poise of one. Now a Disney Princess, Cinderella often needs to look the part and her Straighten & Curl will create beautifully sleek and smooth straight styles, tumbling curls or waves, quickly and easily. As well as looking fantastic, Straighten & Curl plates are specially coated with tourmaline and ceramic, which is more natural and gentle to hair. Ionic and infrared technology also makes hair softer and easier to style. There’s also comb attachments that slot over the plates for curling – all perfect for creating ‘belle of the ball’ looks.

Disney Princess Aurora

Aurora has an unassuming grace and cheerful, unaffected spirit. Sleeping Beauty Aurora yearns to meet that special someone and discover the wonder of true love. The fabulous Mini Crimper Gifting Set featuring Aurora is perfect for creating beautifully crimped eye-catching locks and includes an easy to use crimper (with variable heat settings) with Disney Princess Carry Case, Hairbrush and Hairclips for your little princess.

Disney Princess fans everywhere can enjoy having their hair styled with the very latest hair care styling products - designed with their favourite Disney Princess characters in mind –offering fabulous inspiration for gifts any time of year.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

National Trust recruiting for Kid's Council

The National Trust has announced it is recruiting a group of advisors made up entirely of children to provide advice on how to get more of the nation's kids outdoors.

The idea follows the charity's recent Natural Childhood Report and 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ campaign, and shows the Trust stepping up its game in encouraging children to explore the outdoors and get closer to nature.

The National Trust is looking to sign up ten children aged between seven and twelve to the Kids' Council where they will play an important role in developing the charity's outdoor campaigns, and making their properties more fun for younger visitors.

The perfect candidate will be brimming with enthusiasm and fun, plus have a natural love for the outdoors and fresh air. Potential applicants are also required to have an adventurous spirit and a wild imagination. A fondness for rolling down hills or jumping in muddy puddles would be considered a bonus.

To offer children a chance to try out the National Trust and get inspiration on what they would like to change if they were appointed to the Kids' Council, the Trust will open up its doors to children for free for the whole month of August. Over 200 places will be free of charge to children**, giving them the opportunity to explore National Trust places across the country.

The successful council applicants will be announced later in the year and will be offered free access to National Trust places for themselves and their family. Canoeing, surfing and camping are among the activities that will be part of the winning prize to ensure kids and their families experience the full National Trust offering. The Kids' Council will meet throughout 2013 and report their findings into the National Trust's Visitor Experience Director, so their suggestions can be put into practise to help make the outdoors more fun for the nation's kids.

The application process will close on 7th September 2012. Applications can be downloaded from the website at and sent back via email, post or handed in at National Trust properties.

Tony Berry, Visitor Experience Director of the National Trust, commented: "We are really committed to helping kids enjoy the great outdoors and we want to make our places the most fun and family-friendly day out destinations in the UK. I'm really excited that our new Kids' Council will help us do just that. Our kids go free promotion for the entire month of August will not only give kids and their families the chance to get out and explore, but hopefully inspire them to apply for our Kids' Council and let us know what we can do better in the future."

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back to School with a Little Help

Little Helper
Little Helper's new FunStation Duo
‘Fun, Funky and Safe’ brand Little Helper has launched its new two-seater FunStation Duo toddler desk and chair set, just in time for the new school year.

Perfect for homework or a spot of creativity, Little Helper has taken the success of its FunStation Solo for one child and developed another for two children with the design-led yet practical FunStation Duo. Using all the styling cues of the multi award-winning FunPod®, this is not just a kid’s desk but a piece of stylish furniture.

Designed with budding artists in mind, the new fun and funky FunStation Duo comes with tabletop desk, two chairs and a penholder but with a contemporary designer twist. Two children can comfortably sit at the FunStation Duo with A4 paper, enabling them to interact, play and learn together.

The FunStation Duo meets all international safety standards, and is now available in three colour schemes ‘Natural’, ‘Natural and Red’ and ‘Walnut’ to complement today’s living spaces.

SRP £129.99. Available at and