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That's Health: Mediband urges diabetics to be prepared

That's Health: Mediband urges diabetics to be prepared: A leading medical ID device producer is urging diabetics to take advantage of the silicone wristbands on offer to them in a bid to make it e...

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That's Christmas: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

That's Christmas: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team behind the That's Team of online magazines! We hope that you are able to get and to giv...

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That's Books: Special Book Offer Can Save You £6

That's Books: Special Book Offer Can Save You £6: Author Heather Flood's latest book for youngsters, Giant Sticker Monster and Other Children's Stories, has been acclaimed by actress Judy Bu...

That's Books: In Search of Sara Ann - The True Story Of An Adopt...

That's Books: In Search of Sara Ann - The True Story Of An Adopt...: Gareth Adeney The true story of an emotional reunion with long-sought birth family An official letter from the State of Israel marks a s...

That's Christmas: Autism Friendly Pantomime Performance

That's Christmas: Autism Friendly Pantomime Performance: This panto season Hall for Cornwall is running a Loud performance of its pantomime Robinson Crusoe & The Cornish Pirates. In a Loud Perfor...

That's Christmas: Christmas comes to the Honey Monster's Sugar Puffs...

That's Christmas: Christmas comes to the Honey Monster's Sugar Puffs...: As if Sugar Puffs were not tasty and fun enough and also nutritional (there's nowt wrong with honey, cereal and a bit of sugar!) the clear c...

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That's Christmas: Looking for stocking fillers? Then get Christmas c...

That's Christmas: Looking for stocking fillers? Then get Christmas c...: The kids have finished school and are enjoying their time off, and it’s easy for parents to feel panicked about how to keep them entertained...

That's Christmas: Life-changing mobility car given to deserving Hamp...

That's Christmas: Life-changing mobility car given to deserving Hamp...: Christmas came early for four-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Zac Walton and his family when they took delivery of a wheelchair-accessible ...

That's Christmas: Surviving Santa

That's Christmas: Surviving Santa: A guide to sleep survival over the Santa Season has been published by The Sleep Council. As the UK’s number one source of everday sleep ti...

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That's Christmas: Alternative Nativity Costumes Proving Popular Acco...

That's Christmas: Alternative Nativity Costumes Proving Popular Acco...: It used to be the case that children would only wear the traditional kinds of costumes for nativity plays, such as Mary, Joseph and the ‘lit...

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That's Books: Julia Suzuki Became The First Author To Be Feature...

That's Books: Julia Suzuki Became The First Author To Be Feature...: Children's author Julia Suzuki's book 'Yoshiko and the Gift of Charms' was featured on group discount shopping site Living Social tomorrow -...

Top 5 Baby Sleep Tips for Christmas

Sleep is one of the big topics when it comes to babies. How to make sure your baby is getting enough of it and how to manage the lack of sleep new parents suffer from as a consequence. Whole books have been written on the topic but one thing all the experts agree on is that a rested baby is more likely to be a happy baby, so it follows that helping your baby get the sleep they need means more fun and relaxation for you and your baby.

Without trying to write a book on the subject Solvej Biddle, mum of 2 and owner of quintessential travel brand Content&Calm has teamed up with baby sleep specialist and midwife Vicki Scott RM to create a set of top tips to help your baby get the sleep they need over the busy festive period.

• The single most important tip is to help your baby to settle himself to sleep. If he can go to sleep by himself in the first place, he’s much more likely to be able to resettle during the night or during his daytime nap.

• A darkened environment is essential for many babies to sleep, especially as they get older. When your baby comes into a light sleep during the nap, if it’s dark he or she is more likely to resettle himself back and continue to have a longer and more restful sleep.

• A familiar environment is very important when away from home, staying with family or friends over Christmas. The more you can do to make your baby feel safe and secure, the more relaxed they will feel and more easily they will sleep. We call these sleep associations: darkness, familiar bedding or toys, whichever you usually use. All these help your baby to know that it’s sleep time and so to settle more easily. So no matter where you are, once in his cosy, darkened cot he’ll feel able to sleep.

• If you can, use the holiday time to recharge your own batteries too. If you’re lucky enough to have extended family or friends around over Christmas, give them a chance to bond with your baby while you catch up and enjoy the occasional lie in or daytime nap.

• When you go away, of course it’s a holiday for your baby too. However too many late nights and early mornings will take its toll on all of you. Babies are much happier, more able to have fun when they get enough sleep and all this adds to your enjoyment too!

That's Travel: National Geographic Traveller - Family Spring 2012...

That's Travel: National Geographic Traveller - Family Spring 2012...: National Geographic Traveller - Family Spring 2012 is available now in UK newsstands, a speci...

Children Take Winter In Their Stride With Active Clothes From Little Terra

Children’s online retailer Little Terra brings together inspired ideas to keep kids snug and stylish in the great outdoors as temperatures plummet, with its new Autumn and Winter collection.

Rather than keeping kids cooped up inside, Little Terra’s carefully selected collection – featuring top brands, including Jack Wolfskin, Sprayway and Barts – provides clothes to help them make the most of the outdoors.

This year, Little Terra has brought some of the collection’s key items together to view in a video, available at

Aimed at keeping children warm from head to toe, items in the range - available at - include Jack Wolfskin Snowmotion fleece-lined wellies, as well as a variety of hats and insulated winter trousers tailored at the knee to enable movement.

Colour is also a key feature, with vibrant fleecy jumpers and jackets in bright shades, such as the Kenai Jacket and Talkeetna Fleece.

Warm and waterproof coats are also available - including the Wonderlake jacket and the Penguin Winter jacket – both from Jack Wolfskin - which each include reflective detail for added safety.

Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, Little Terra’s specialist children’s buyer, Carolyn Budding, acknowledges the challenges faced keeping young people warm during the winter months. She said: “Parents want to be able to watch their child enjoy themselves, whatever the weather.

“Whether building a snowman or splashing in puddles, our range means that the focus is on fun rather than worrying about the cold.”

gNappies Presents a Hybrid Option for Parents

Being eco-aware is something most people aspire to, and this is even more pertinent for parents who will have their offspring in mind when thinking about the future of the planet. However, many parents have been reluctant to try non-disposable nappies to reduce their carbon footprint, says gNappies, believing the cost or downtime are too high to consider, but the hybrid option available from gNappies – combining a cloth nappy and disposable refills – can really give parents the best of both worlds.

Working parents and parents of more than one child can often be short of time and anything that represents extra work can be off-putting. Non-disposable nappies have sometimes been discounted as a result of this – but parents can still be eco-friendly with biodegradable nappies.

Says Kim Graham-Nye, co-founder of gNappies, “Parents genuinely want to do better environmentally and, many are horrified to learn that disposable nappies account for a third of landfill. However, cloth nappies aren’t for everyone – which is why the hybrid option is a great solution. Changing nappies doesn’t have to be such as chore– and the availability of disposable and biodegradable refills means it’s even easier for parents to consider this as a viable option.”

Kim and her husband Jason introduced the hybrid nappy concept after discovering shocking facts about disposable nappies and their impact on the environment. Around 11 million disposable nappies enter UK landfill every day, each taking up to 500 years to decompose and accounting for a third of the world’s landfill.

gNappies gives the option to choose between disposable nappies or cloth nappies – with the disposable element being a gRefill – an insert which is home compostable or can be disposed of in the domestic waste. On a home compost, the gRefill only takes 50 – 100 days to biodegrade, compared with 500 years for a single disposable nappy.

gNappies come in a range of colours, patterns and sizes. The dedicated gNappies UK website - - features all the products as well as gBundle starter packs.

That's Christmas: Free Festive Kids Game and Free Gift At Westfield ...

That's Christmas: Free Festive Kids Game and Free Gift At Westfield ...: Westfield Stratford City has today launched The Christmas Alphabet Hunt to help parents ke...

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Mums Can Get Their Mojo Back In 2012 With The MuTu® System

Mums who want to get stronger, fitter, leaner and more confident in 2012, forever, need look no further than the MuTu® System (

The MuTu® System, has been created by Wendy Powell, a mother of two who has been there & done it, and is also an experienced, highly qualified pre & post natal fitness professional. Her unique, proven, step by step 12 week programme and video series of restorative exercises, effective workouts, yoga and motivational techniques is ideal for women who want to rediscover their waistline AND body confidence, however long ago they had their baby.

Five interconnecting elements have been woven together to put a mother's body back where she wants it. MuTu Core is the *find your waist & flatten your tummy* bit, MuTu Breathe, the *tone your pelvic floor & chill out* bit and MuTu New Mum / MuTu Intensive is the *time to get sweaty & shape your body* bit. MuTu Posture is the *stand tall & find your mojo* bit and MuTu Food is the *eat right with no hang ups* bit.

Wendy Powell, said, "There's a huge amount of advice out there for brand new mums but the physical effects of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering - weak pelvic floor, saggy tummy, weak core muscles, back ache - can go on for years, and this is what I tackle. The MuTu® System really 'GETS' the practicalities, hormones, emotions and pressures mums face. By following the programme you can stop being confused by conflicting advice and get your body - and mind - back in good working order and shape, however long ago you gave birth".

She added, "The programme works because it gives women the tools, information and guidance they need to change habits and take responsibility for their bodies once again. The holistic approach is about working out, eating well and increasing self esteem so you feel sexy, capable, strong and healthy in a world full of quick fixes and unrealistic expectations that just don't work".

"Thank you for MuTu - I have been totally motivated & have stuck to a programme for the first time ever! - Wendy, you have achieved the impossible!" Emi, mum of 2

For more information go to

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Cool For kids

Decorating a child's bedroom can be a challenge, so why not invest in a bed which will keep your little one's room chic and on trend for years to come? has a wide and varied range of single beds, from metal frames to upholstered beds, so there is something to suit tots through to teens. Not only are they built to last but our range of classic beds are great investment pieces and can be used by your child throughout their many ages and stages. also offer some great solutions for keeping kids' bedrooms clutter-free. The Gabriel footstool is ideal for stashing toys, books and games. It also fits perfectly under bay windows and can double up as extra seating.

Opt for a divan style bed for additional space to store bed linen and other bulky items.

Available in playful and fun fabrics, from juicy raspberry to bright sunshine.

Scallop Single bed in Raspberry, £580

Gabriel Storage Ottoman in Charcoal, from £320

Spring is on the way!

Hard to grasp this concept, but spring is, indeed, on the way.

And you can make sure you and your little ones are ready with these warm and cosy must haves from Tippitoes and Baroo.

Whether you are at home or on the move, you won't want to go anywhere without the brand new Striped Knitted Blanket or Luxury Bubble Blankets as they are sure to keep your child snug as a bug.

Baroo Luxury Bubble Blanket, available in cream, white, black, pink and blue, £19.99

Baroo Sail Away Sleeping Bag 6-18 months, £19.99

Baroo Striped Knitted Blanket, 100% cotton, £19.99

Tippitoes Star Wrap, £14.99

Visit or call 0845 600 8595 for further details.

That's Christmas: How To Survive Your First Christmas Alone

That's Christmas: How To Survive Your First Christmas Alone: Your first Christmas alone doesn't have to be terrible. Make sure that you plan what you are going to do well in advance and that you arrang...

Ensure Sweeter Dreams With The New Bedding From Tippitoes By Baroo

Keep your baby snug and warm in the nursery with the new range of bedding and Moses baskets from Tippitoes by Baroo.
A Moses basket is ideal for use from birth until 6 months (approx) and gives the option of keeping them next to your bed or in the nursery.

The new range of Moses baskets are available in white or dark wicker with white bedding. They are also available in natural maize with blue, yellow, cream and pink.

Create the perfect nursery for newborns with the brand new Sail Away or the neutral My Best Friends bedding range that will see them through to toddler years.

They are perfect for use on both cots and junior beds and include a quilt, bumper, sheet and fleece blanket.

To see full Baroo range, visit

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That's Business: A CAST of Millions? What nasty IT costs are hidden...

That's Business: A CAST of Millions? What nasty IT costs are hidden...: Results of the new CAST Report on Application Software Health (CRASH) released today by CAST, the world leader in software analysis and m...

Spyder Ski Wear on the Web with Little Terra

Red Spyder jacket from Little Terra
Children’s online outdoor clothing specialist Little Terra is now stocking top ski brand Spyder.

For decades, Spyder has produced technical clothes at the cutting edge of performance, comfort and fashion.

Now Derbyshire-based Little Terra has unveiled its range of Spyder gear for youngsters as families prepare for the impending season.

The collection includes jackets, ski pants, under-jacket roll-necks, gloves and hats – all featuring the distinctive logo of one of the most desirable brands on the slopes.

Insulated and waterproof, the Challenger and Avenger jackets for boys have a snow skirt and a removable heavy weather hood for when the conditions close in or for long, wind-swept chairlift ascents.

For girls, the Lola jacket combines fabulous looks with high performance to keep children warm and dry on the mountain and in resort.

As with all Spyder products, the jackets have been designed specifically with skiers in mind, resulting in useful additions such as internal mesh goggle pocket, attached chamois lens wipe cloth, lift pass pocket and adjustable cuffs.

Ski pants for boys include the top-performance Avenger and Force designs, while for girls the Bitsy Tart pants complement the Lola jacket perfectly.

With a selection of high-end Spyder gloves, hats and under-jacket tops, Little Terra has the ski season wrapped up and is living up to its motto of supplying Online Brands for Off-road kids.

Carolyn Budding, children’s clothing buying specialist at, said: “Spyder has become a really desirable brand across the world in recent years.

“What a lot of people don’t realise is that it has been around since the 1970s, supplying professional skiers as well as the most demanding amateurs.

“Everything Spyder does comes from experience on the slopes and that really shows.”

That's Food and Drink: Need a dairy free Christmas? Then indulge yoursel...

That's Food and Drink: Need a dairy free Christmas? Then indulge yoursel...: As the festive season fast approaches, households across the UK will be stocking up on seasonal treats to indulge in over the Christmas ho...

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That's Books: Britain's 110 Year Old Teenager Launches Her Autob...

That's Books: Britain's 110 Year Old Teenager Launches Her Autob...: On December 3 2011 teenager Hayley Okines was 14. Nothing unusual about that, you might say? But Hayley is unlike no other teenager. She...

That's Books: Badger the Mystical Mutt

That's Books: Badger the Mystical Mutt: Badger the Mystical Mutt is a special dog. A very special dog indeed. He is magical, though his magic doesn't always work out in quite the w...

That's Christmas: Chance to win £1600 of goodies every week until Ch...

That's Christmas: Chance to win £1600 of goodies every week until Ch...: Shopcade , a new social shopping application on Facebook, has announced the winners of its Christmas “Wish & Win” competition for the week...