Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mums Can Get Their Mojo Back In 2012 With The MuTu® System

Mums who want to get stronger, fitter, leaner and more confident in 2012, forever, need look no further than the MuTu® System (

The MuTu® System, has been created by Wendy Powell, a mother of two who has been there & done it, and is also an experienced, highly qualified pre & post natal fitness professional. Her unique, proven, step by step 12 week programme and video series of restorative exercises, effective workouts, yoga and motivational techniques is ideal for women who want to rediscover their waistline AND body confidence, however long ago they had their baby.

Five interconnecting elements have been woven together to put a mother's body back where she wants it. MuTu Core is the *find your waist & flatten your tummy* bit, MuTu Breathe, the *tone your pelvic floor & chill out* bit and MuTu New Mum / MuTu Intensive is the *time to get sweaty & shape your body* bit. MuTu Posture is the *stand tall & find your mojo* bit and MuTu Food is the *eat right with no hang ups* bit.

Wendy Powell, said, "There's a huge amount of advice out there for brand new mums but the physical effects of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering - weak pelvic floor, saggy tummy, weak core muscles, back ache - can go on for years, and this is what I tackle. The MuTu® System really 'GETS' the practicalities, hormones, emotions and pressures mums face. By following the programme you can stop being confused by conflicting advice and get your body - and mind - back in good working order and shape, however long ago you gave birth".

She added, "The programme works because it gives women the tools, information and guidance they need to change habits and take responsibility for their bodies once again. The holistic approach is about working out, eating well and increasing self esteem so you feel sexy, capable, strong and healthy in a world full of quick fixes and unrealistic expectations that just don't work".

"Thank you for MuTu - I have been totally motivated & have stuck to a programme for the first time ever! - Wendy, you have achieved the impossible!" Emi, mum of 2

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