Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let Me Play With The Box Tube Toys! A fantastic concept by By Oscar Diaz

It's often said that if you give children a new toy, they will often start to play with the packaging!

Well, what if the packaging is actually a part of the toy?

The last edition of New York International Gift Fair in February 2012 saw London designer Oscar Diaz presenting Tube Toys, a series of vehicles to assemble were the packaging is also a part of the product.

Each Tube Toys comes with components such as stickers and wheels inside the cardboard tube that becomes the body of the car, fire engine, train or tractor, with pre-cut slots for easy assembly.

All components are recycled or recyclable and only the paper strip round the outside is discarded. In reducing considerably the amount of material discarded after buying it, Tube Toys is definitely an eco friendly toy.

The full range is available at eco concept store - Available until the end of February

Retail Price £10.50 each tube.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Strong start to Junior ISA as parents march £250 Child Trust Fund provisions for those who missed out

Family Investments, a UK-based children’s savings provider, says it has witnessed strong demand for its new Junior ISA, with just under 6,500 accounts opened since the product was launched on November 1st last year.

They have noticed particularly strong demand amongst existing Child Trust Fund (CTF) holders, highlighting parents’ desire to make equal provisions for siblings who may have missed out on the CTF.

All children born after 2nd January 2011 are eligible for the Junior ISA, but unlike its predecessor the Junior ISA does not come with a contribution of up to £250 from the government to kick start the savings habit. However, many parents have sought to level the playing field for their children with many choosing to add £250 or more to their regular savings to match the government CTF contribution.

Parents are engaged with the Junior ISA and this has so far been reflected in the contributions, with the average coming in at around £28 per month compared to the market average of around £24 for Child Trust Funds.

Almost ten thousand parents had enquired about the Junior ISA with Family Investments before it was launched providing a bumper start for the new product, and more than two-thirds of the accounts taken out so far have been opened by mums, continuing the female bias experienced with the CTF.

Despite the strong start to sales, Family Investments believes that both the government and the industry will need to work together to ensure that Junior ISA remains front of mind amongst parents.

John Reeve, Chief Executive of Family Investments said: “The fantastic start we have seen for Junior ISA reflects an underlying demand amongst parents to make a financial provision for their child from an early age. With significant costs, such as university tuition fees or a deposit for a first home to meet, many parents have recognised the need to start saving early.

“Parents have been very receptive to the Family Investments product, particularly as our low minimum premium of £10 per month makes it accessible to all families. We have designed our Junior ISA to appeal to busy parents who are looking for a simple, affordable product that they can manage on their own terms. Both our Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund can be managed online providing round the clock access to key account information.

“The Junior ISA was designed as a universal savings option for parents and Family Investments is committed to making the product a success. However, without the initial nudge of a government voucher, there is no guarantee that parents will continue to see the Junior ISA as the natural home for their children’s savings. Both the government and the savings industry need to continue to build awareness of the product to ensure that the current momentum behind the product continues to build.”

Saturday, 11 February 2012

That's Books: InteractBooks Releases Bill the Fish it's Latest I...

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Trunki and Cuddledry celebrate the Chinese New Yea

With funky new dragon themed products that are sure to be a roaring success!

2012 sees the arrival of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and Cuddledry and Trunki, both already award-winning international brands, have used this as inspiration for a fiery new range of dragon themed products for little ones.  

Trunki DragonThe Dragon Trunki
The dragon, which symbolises energy, power and luck will be well equipped to travel with young tots across the globe. Complete with a solid red body, swirling yellow moustache, eyebrows, big wide eyes and silver detail, giving the dragon Trunki a truly serpentine look. All of the trunki traits remain the same from locking catches to the much loved teddy seatbelt and secret compartments to name a few.  Hand luggage approved ensuring this lucky little dragon will be close by, throughout the journey, however long or short.   RRP £40 
*(only 500 Trunki dragons have been put into production in the UK)  

Dragon SnooziHedz
The limited edition dragon SnooziHedz is the perfect companion to go with the ride on trunki dragon. Flamboyant and attractive, when tots tire and need to snooze, the dragon SnooziHedz 3 in 1 travel pal will be ready for action. Little travellers can sleep in comfort and warmth with the help of an inflatable pillow (for the head to rest) and super soft polar fleece blanket with pocket keeping head to toe snug. Whether you've a restless little dragon or sombre sleeper the patented Trunki Grip™ will ensure the blanket doesn't migrate while snoozing. 

Along with the Dragon Trunki, the SnooziHedz will inspire young travellers to hop around the globe, whether it's a weekend with friends or a round the world trip. RRP £19.99


The Cuddleroar
Made from Cuddledry's signature blend of pure cotton and naturally organic bamboo fibre, the new dragon toddler towel from Cuddledry makes bath times super snugly, soft and fun! Made with a double layer of silky soft towelling, and with an extra large hood and wings, the Cuddleroar keeps in the warmth while you little one charges around the house, hopefully not breathing fire! RRP £39.99

Available now from and  

Get Your Body And Your Bank Account In Shape With MuTu®

Wendy Powell's MuTu® System is a unique 12 week programme dedicated to helping mums lose their baby weight, tone their abs and get their confidence back on track and they can now also use it to make some extra cash with the launch of a new affiliate programme.

The MuTu® System Affiliate has been launched to reward mums who tell the world about wonderful Wendy and her amazing exercise programme on their blogs, Facebook and Twitter sites as they see their waistlines return and their confidence and energy levels soar.

Wendy said, "An increasing number of companies are using affiliate programmes to help sell their products and services and I'm really excited doing this for MuTu®. We know mums talk, a lot, and we can now reward them for doing just this!

"The process is easy, you join up, choose a badge, pop it on your blog or website and we give you the basic tools and support you need to get talking about us. If someone clicks on your affiliate badge and goes on to buy the programme you get 33% of the price paid in commission.

"They don't have to buy that time; the programme remembers that you recommended them so if they come back later to buy you still get your cut. There's unlimited earning potential and once you've earned £20 or more, we pay you monthly via PayPal. ®. It's a win-win situation, you earn money and we get new customers."

She added, "I work with a lot of mums not only through my training but they're also part of my support system and vital to the running of my business and its success and I like to reward them. Most of women who use MuTu® either have websites or blogs and use Facebook and Twitter to talk about their progress with the programme and tell others how good it is. Being a MuTu® Affiliate means they can make some extra money which can only be a good thing and boost their confidence a little bit more which is what MuTu® is all about".

If you have questions or would like more information, please email

For more details go to:

Thursday, 9 February 2012

TotsBots' 2012 Collection Is Sure To Get The Royal Seal Of Approval!

Hot on the tail of their extremely successful Limited Edition Christmas prints, TotsBots, the UK’s leading re-usable nappy brand, are launching two specially commissioned prints or ‘BritBots’ to celebrate the two main events in this year’s calendar, the 2012 Olympics and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

The first design, “Jubilee”, captures the spirit of the Great British Street party, complete with union jacks and jammie dodgers! It is safe to say, that thanks to TotsBots, little bottoms everywhere can celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in style this June.

The second design, “London”, takes its inspiration from the London tube map and features several well known London Icons, the Red Double Decker bus, the Hackney Cab, and of course, the Queen’s Guards.

We’re sure you’ll agree that they are onto a real winner!

Fiona Smyth, Director and founder of TotsBots commented, ‘This has to be by far the most fun I have had yet at TotsBots. I get such a buzz every-time I look at these, the ‘BritBots’ are just adorable!’

How fantastic that even the youngest members of the country can get into the 2012 spirit, whether they be the sporting types or just rather big fans of tea parties!

RRP: £ 17.99


New designs are available from 1st of March 2012 in EasyFit, TeenyFit and FlexiWrap styles.

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'Steps' Warns That Incorrect Positioning Of Babies Can Lead To Hip Dysplasia

As part of Baby Hip Health Week 2012 (10th - 17th March), the national charity STEPS is calling for parents and professionals to learn how to position their babies correctly to help prevent hip dysplasia.

Teaming up with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) STEPS is releasing two parent friendly leaflets on hip healthy swaddling and using baby equipment in a hip friendly way. Diagrams show correct and incorrect positioning for car seats and baby harnesses and slings and show correct swaddling methods.

STEPS Director and member of the IHDI Advisory Board, Sue Banton, said, "We don't want to scare parents, but by putting their babies in inappropriate car seats or baby slings or by swaddling their babies in the wrong way there is a real risk of their child developing hip dysplasia".

The IHDI states:"Some types of baby carriers and other equipment may interfere with healthy hip positioning. Such devices include but are not limited to baby carriers, slings, wraps, pouches, car seats, exercisers, rockers, jumpers, swings, bouncers and walkers, and moulded seating items. These devices could inadvertently place hips in an unhealthy position, especially when used for extended periods of time. Any device that restrains a baby's legs in an unhealthy position should be considered a potential risk for abnormal hip development".

Sue Banton adds, "These leaflets are part of our annual Baby Hip Health Week which is intended to help raise awareness amongst parents and health professionals of the vital need to check babies' hips during the first few weeks of life to prevent unnecessary pain and disability in later years."

To help put STEPS and DDH on the public agenda, the charity is also asking people to hold a 'Put the Kettle On' event during Baby Hip Health Week to help raise funds for their fantastic work.

For more information and guidelines please visit or

Treat The Kids To The UK's Best Zoos This Half Term

Visitors vote top ten places to talk to the animals.

Qype, Europe's leading consumer reviews site, has revealed the consumer's pick of the best Zoos across the UK, ahead of half term next week (11 to 19 February).

The 'only way is Essex' according to reviews posted on over the last six months, as Colchester Zoo was named the UK's top ahead of the Capital's famous London Zoo, which came in a close second.

The list features established favourites such as Longleat Safari Park, Chester Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo, as well as a surprise entry for the less well-known Birmingham Nature Centre at number three. (EDITOR: When I was a child, it was called the Birmingham Zoological Gardens!)

Colchester Zoo was praised for its impressive variety of animals as well as the friendly and helpful staff. Many reviewers make reference to the Gold Card, which allows multiple visits.

One Qype reviewer writes "A great day out. I took my nephew and his friends, they loved it. He thought it was brilliant and has been asking to go back ever since. A really great day out."

"It's great to see Colchester Zoo come out on top. It seems their success is built on a huge variety of species to see with things of interest for all ages. On top of this our Qype reviewers are passionate about customer service; it really can make or break a great day out and clearly Colchester, as well as all of these zoos, are getting this right," says Richard Dennys, Qype's Chief Marketing Officer.

"With a new review posted every 30 seconds, Qype is an indispensable resource if you are planning a day out with the family. Visitors to the site will find honest advice on the best attractions as well as places to eat and drink whether you're a local or a visitor," continues Dennys.

Attracting up to 25 million visits a months, Qype is the source for independent and trusted reviews. With Qype's app you're never far from advice on how to find the best-rated places, with instant, on-the-go access to over 2.3 million reviews including attractions, restaurants, bars and other local companies in 166,000 cities worldwide.

Top Ten Zoos according to Qype reviewers:

Colchester Zoo, Stanway
London Zoo, Marylebone, London
Birmingham Nature Centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Woburn Safari Park, Milton Keynes
Monkey World, Wareham
Longleat Safari Park, Warminster
Chester Zoo, Chester
Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh
Marwell Zoo, Winchester
Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol

Qype's top 10 Zoos was compiled using an algorithm unique to Qype which takes into account the number of reviews, their content and star-ratings. All reviews used to compile the list were posted in the last six months.

Qype is a consumer reviews site and claims to have revolutionised the way consumers research and choose goods and services.

A spokesman said: "It's the place to find and share independent, trusted reviews on everything from restaurants to shops, hairdressers to plumbers in over 166,000 cities and towns worldwide. Qype's app gives consumers instant, on-the-move access to reviews wherever and whenever they wish.

"The site attracts up to 25 million monthly visits, with a new review appearing every 30 seconds. Qype is local and international; helping consumers make informed decisions everyday at home and abroad."

To join the Qype community visit or to download the Qype app visit

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That's Health: Voluntary carers highlighted as unsung heroes in n...

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