Saturday, 11 February 2012

Get Your Body And Your Bank Account In Shape With MuTu®

Wendy Powell's MuTu® System is a unique 12 week programme dedicated to helping mums lose their baby weight, tone their abs and get their confidence back on track and they can now also use it to make some extra cash with the launch of a new affiliate programme.

The MuTu® System Affiliate has been launched to reward mums who tell the world about wonderful Wendy and her amazing exercise programme on their blogs, Facebook and Twitter sites as they see their waistlines return and their confidence and energy levels soar.

Wendy said, "An increasing number of companies are using affiliate programmes to help sell their products and services and I'm really excited doing this for MuTu®. We know mums talk, a lot, and we can now reward them for doing just this!

"The process is easy, you join up, choose a badge, pop it on your blog or website and we give you the basic tools and support you need to get talking about us. If someone clicks on your affiliate badge and goes on to buy the programme you get 33% of the price paid in commission.

"They don't have to buy that time; the programme remembers that you recommended them so if they come back later to buy you still get your cut. There's unlimited earning potential and once you've earned £20 or more, we pay you monthly via PayPal. ®. It's a win-win situation, you earn money and we get new customers."

She added, "I work with a lot of mums not only through my training but they're also part of my support system and vital to the running of my business and its success and I like to reward them. Most of women who use MuTu® either have websites or blogs and use Facebook and Twitter to talk about their progress with the programme and tell others how good it is. Being a MuTu® Affiliate means they can make some extra money which can only be a good thing and boost their confidence a little bit more which is what MuTu® is all about".

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