Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let Me Play With The Box Tube Toys! A fantastic concept by By Oscar Diaz

It's often said that if you give children a new toy, they will often start to play with the packaging!

Well, what if the packaging is actually a part of the toy?

The last edition of New York International Gift Fair in February 2012 saw London designer Oscar Diaz presenting Tube Toys, a series of vehicles to assemble were the packaging is also a part of the product.

Each Tube Toys comes with components such as stickers and wheels inside the cardboard tube that becomes the body of the car, fire engine, train or tractor, with pre-cut slots for easy assembly.

All components are recycled or recyclable and only the paper strip round the outside is discarded. In reducing considerably the amount of material discarded after buying it, Tube Toys is definitely an eco friendly toy.

The full range is available at eco concept store - Available until the end of February

Retail Price £10.50 each tube.

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