Thursday, 9 February 2012

TotsBots' 2012 Collection Is Sure To Get The Royal Seal Of Approval!

Hot on the tail of their extremely successful Limited Edition Christmas prints, TotsBots, the UK’s leading re-usable nappy brand, are launching two specially commissioned prints or ‘BritBots’ to celebrate the two main events in this year’s calendar, the 2012 Olympics and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

The first design, “Jubilee”, captures the spirit of the Great British Street party, complete with union jacks and jammie dodgers! It is safe to say, that thanks to TotsBots, little bottoms everywhere can celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in style this June.

The second design, “London”, takes its inspiration from the London tube map and features several well known London Icons, the Red Double Decker bus, the Hackney Cab, and of course, the Queen’s Guards.

We’re sure you’ll agree that they are onto a real winner!

Fiona Smyth, Director and founder of TotsBots commented, ‘This has to be by far the most fun I have had yet at TotsBots. I get such a buzz every-time I look at these, the ‘BritBots’ are just adorable!’

How fantastic that even the youngest members of the country can get into the 2012 spirit, whether they be the sporting types or just rather big fans of tea parties!

RRP: £ 17.99


New designs are available from 1st of March 2012 in EasyFit, TeenyFit and FlexiWrap styles.

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