Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Labour companion CD - virtual support for women in labour

Natal Hypnotherapy has launched a new virtual support CD for women to use during labour.

The Labour Companion CD has been developed with the help and support of midwives, as a tool to provide guidance and comfort to women during the different stages of labour, helping to keep them calm, focused and so better able to manage contractions during labour.

Once contractions have started, women listen to the calming and reassuring voice of british Hypnotherapist Maggie Howell talking them through breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques appropriate to the different stages of labour. Women can do this from the very start of labour before she even sees a midwife.

Although it is in no way designed to replace the advice and support of midwives, it is a background voice providing comfort and support at times when a woman and her partner may be left on their own, either at hospital or at home.

This was key to Kirsty Clifford “I still heard the midwife and my husband and was able to respond to both of them, but in the background I could always hear the music and Maggie’s voice. It was incredibly helpful as it seemed to just let my body get on with things without my needing to think about it - which was exactly what I wanted”

There are three tracks on the Labour Companion CD which have been designed to reflect the different emotional stages a woman is likely to go through.

As Laura Nickell said about using the CD for the recent birth of her baby “The excitement phase track helped remind me of all my preparation and get me in a positive mindset. The Serious stage helped me stay focused when became intense and the Adrenaline track helped me relax when scared”

The CD was developed in response to feedback from some of the 100,000+ women who have already benefitted from the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy. Research from 1251 of these women was recently presented at the 1st World Congress of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology WCOGA demonstrating that listening to the CDs led to a decrease in intervention and c-section rates.

Women loved the preparation CDs but felt that they needed “the voice” during the labour to help them stay calm and focused. As Kirsty Clifford wrote about her experience using the Labour Companion CD - “When the voice matched the soothing voice on the birth preparation CD, my body automatically responded by relaxing and I found I was breathing more deeply”.

To get the maximum benefit from the Labour Companion CD, women should ideally learn and practice the techniques from the Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation CDs and Effective Birth preparation book during the last trimester of your pregnancy. Labour Companion CD can then be used to reinforce the techniques during the birth as Bella Jordan explains “The Labour companion CD really helped me re-focus on what I had tuned into when listening to the Birth preparation CD. The 2nd track was really helpful just to hear the voice and the reminders to relax. The 3rd track was very helpful - I had it on regularly to bring me down off the ceiling.”

Once again Natal Hypnotherapy is providing a powerful yet safe and easy to use resource for women who want to get rid of fear and anxiety and approach birth with confidence and joy.

The CD retails at just £11.99 and can be bought directly from Natal Hypnotherapy or from any major retailer including Amazon.

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