Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New book by nutritionist Amanda Ursell - Baby & Toddler Food Bible

That's Parenting has another new book from Hay House. This new book is by nutritionist Amanda Ursell and is packed full of nutritional information and advice on healthy eating for babies and toddlers; including over 200 baby recipes and toddler recipes for healthy meals.

Amanda Ursell's Baby and Toddler Food Bible
Your Essential Guide to Feeding Your Child for Their First Four Years
-A complete guide to baby and toddler nutrition from the UK’s leading nutritionist, Amanda Ursell
-Includes 200 healthy recipes that are quick and easy
-Covers every aspect of weaning and healthy eating for babies and toddlers, including picky eaters
-Packed full of nutritional information, including food allergies

The list of what foods to introduce to your child and when can be daunting, especially in this day and age when everything from food safety to allergies dictate certain rules. Written by the UK’s leading nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, while she was caring for her own baby and toddler, everything in this book has been tried and tested and is suitable for busy, working parents! It includes:

•weaning and baby food recipes
•what to feed children from 6 months to 1 year and year by year up to 4
•picky eaters, and how to handle it
•allergies and food intolerances
•whether shop-bought baby food is OK
•nutrition and healthy eating for new mums
•200 nutritious recipes for healthy meals

Amanda Ursell is the UK’s most read nutritionist and the author of numerous books on healthy eating and nutrition, including What Are You Really Eating? Amanda holds a degree in nutrition and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics. She appears regularly on television and in print, is a weekly columnist for The Times and The Sun, and has twice been voted the most influential health professional in the UK.

Amanda Ursell's Baby and Toddler Food Bible
Published by Hay House Publishers, May 2011, £11.99.

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