Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Late babies are a good thing says author and 'late' mother

A new book reveals pregnancy in older mothers is on the increase in the UK and that having a baby over 35 and 40 could have many positive benefits. Author Claudia Spahr looks at midlife parenting and later pregnancy and speaks to many health experts in the field of pregnancy and health. She myth busts some of the conceptions that older pregnancy for women is harder and more complex and maintains that later life pregnancy has huge advantages for both baby and mother.

Right Time Baby The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood
(Hay House, £12.99)

By Claudia Spahr

Almost a quarter of all women in the UK are having babies after 35 and the conception rate for women over forty has doubled in the past ten years. New research shows later mothers are more secure emotionally and financially than younger mothers. They’re more proactive about their health during pregnancy. Numerous studies also show that older mothers live longer.

Women starting a family in their 30s or 40s might lead a healthier life-style; they are often more highly educated and better off financially. They may understand the needs of their bodies, and look after themselves better in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Mature women can have more positive perceptions of their bodies, and more readily tolerate the symptoms of pregnancy. At this age too, women often have more autonomy - independence and confidence to know what they want, and enhanced people skills to get it.

To watch Claudia explain more of the book please click on Right Time Baby Video
This comprehensive guide is the first of its kind. Right Time Baby dispels many of the outdated myths concerning older motherhood and gives useful advice for increased fertility and a healthy baby. Journalist and author Claudia Spahr wrote the book she would have wanted to read when she became a mother at 40.

She found there was nothing interesting or up-to-date on the market; just plenty of so-called experts with negative expectations and misconceptions about having a baby later. Written in an entertaining, accessible manner and filled with practical tips, Right Time Baby reveals secrets for optimising health, prolonging fertility and having the best possible pregnancy at any age.

Right Time Baby has been hailed by some as the new pregnancy and childbirth bible because it’s the first guide that brings together new frontiers such as cell biology, foetal origins and mind-body healing. Packed full of essential tips from top medical experts, scientists and world authorities, including Dr Marilyn Glenville and Dr Michel Odent this book is a complete guide for the women who’s lived a full life before breeding.

With cutting-edge research into neuroscience, nutrition and psychology, it includes vital information on:
• Preparing for pregnancy and motherhood
• How to improve egg quality and get pregnant naturally
• Exercises, relaxation techniques, mind-body connection for conception
• Increasing your chances of success at IVF
• Ways to prevent miscarriage
• How to have the best birth possible
• Parenting concepts and secrets from cultures around the globe to inspire new mothers
Louise L. Hay, bestselling author and founder of Hay House, the publishers of this guide, says “The thoughts you choose to think and the foods you choose to eat are everything to do with your health.”

Claudia Spahr is a Swiss-English journalist who spends most of her time between Spain and India. During her radio and TV career she has worked for the BBC, ITV and CNN. She has completed a novel and this important guide. She has a two year old son and is now pregnant with her second child – due when she is (nearly) 43.

You can watch Claudia at www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4pGlOwKD18.

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