Sunday, 8 January 2012

Babyglow And Bounty Join To Increase Awareness Around Baby Body Temperature

Babyglow Marketing UK Limited has agreed a three year education and awareness programme with Bounty. This extensive and highly targeted program will involve raising awareness around the importance of monitoring body temperature of a baby amongst new and expectant mums.

The programme efforts will specifically focus on mums-to-be that have reached or are beyond their third month of pregnancy and new mothers with babies up to 5 months old.

Important temperature information and details about Babyglow's temperature sensitive baby clothing products will be made available via the free to join Bounty parenting club, which works with top brands, charities and government to provide mums and mums-to-be with product samples and information and help get them most out of family life.

This will include extensive distribution through; the famous Bounty sample packs given to around 98% off all new and expectant mums and its free information guides, which are inserted into Bounty packs and have a staggering distribution figure in excess of 2.2 million per year. Plus its website, which receives over 1.3million visits each month and its supporting forums, E-newsletters and social media activity.

Babyglow, having researched and developed temperature sensitive baby clothing, have both a very good understanding of how the body reacts to temperature rises and how to monitor this using easy, modern methods.

Babyglow garments use micro technology and natural fibres to turn a convenient product such as their sleep-suit into a wearable, washable monitoring device. This means that mothers and carers would be able to see at a glance if their baby has a fever or raised body surface temperature anywhere on their body.

This is important as some illnesses will first start generating a temperature reaction in specific parts of the body before spreading through the rest of the body. This can for instance create a temperature increase around the organs before other parts of the body surface would have noticeable increases. Having a Babyglow suit will show these early temperature increases already as the suit monitors the whole body surface all of the time, whilst keeping the head clear to allow cooling.

Bounty has estimated that, on an annual basis, the Babyglow temperature related information and product details will be sent to or handed to mothers and pregnant women within the target audience 13.2 million times.

Bounty Consumer Champion, Faye Mingo says "Bounty are delighted to be backing the Babyglow venture with extensive access to our media portfolio which includes Bounty packs, guides and This is a true partnership and we look forward to working closely together to come up with new and exciting ways to reinforce key messages to mums and we look forward to having a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship in the future"

FACTFILE:Babyglow Marketing (UK) Ltd ( is the official distributor of Babyglow products in the United Kingdom.

Babyglow is a brand that designs, develops and markets clothing and related products that monitor or regulate body temperatures in infants.

Babyglow sleep-suits are wearable, washable temperature monitors.

Babyglow products have a clear visual indication all over the product to show temperature changes from regular body temperature to raised body temperature and reverse.

Babyglow Marketing (UK) Ltd performed a soft-launch of the temperature monitoring sleep-suit product in the UK in October 2010 following appearances in 'The Apprentice' and the largest London based baby consumer show.

Babyglow products can be found in a growing number of independent speciality shops and pharmacies in the UK, as well as at the onlines store at Babyglow is commercially consulted by Conceptable Limited in London.

About Bounty
Bounty ( is mums' best-loved source of advice and support for everyday parenting and has been giving mums more for more than 50years.

Bounty is a free to join parenting club that works with top brands, charities and government to provide mums and mums to be with product samples and information and help get them most out of family life

With over 50,000 new members joining every month, over 9 out of 10 new mums receive Bounty packs and information guides and on average, receives more than 1.3million visits to the site each month.

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