Thursday, 30 June 2011

When tots travel, you need these

Holiday firm Tots to Travel has created a handy list of six must have products that genuinely make life easier for parents of babies and young children while they’re on vacation. All six of these products were named as winners in the inaugural Tots to Travel Just Go! Awards and each represents a stress area that parents face while travelling with kids.

“With the summer holidays just around the corner, we wanted to help parents find the essential products that will make their holiday easier and more relaxing,” explains Wendy Shand, family travel expert and founder of Tots to Travel.

“We were looking for items that solved real travel problems that most parents face. The products need to be small, light or easy to pack; be great quality; versatile so that they’re not exclusively used for just two weeks a year; represent good value for money and are thoroughly practical,” she continues.

The six items are:
For the journey – getting there and pack is often the hardest part:
Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster : This inflatable car booster seat (£29.99) answers the real problem of how to pack a bulky booster seat into holiday luggage. With airlines increasingly charging for every piece of luggage and car hire companies regularly failing to provide suitable car seats, the Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster is the lightweight answer.

Fun & Games – how to keep children entertained when boredom strikes:
Fuzzoodles: a pipe cleaner craft toy (£9.99) that lets kids create monsters. It packs small, is quiet, suitable for a broad age range and even parents will enjoy playing with them. They’re brilliant for use on the journey, as a rainy day holiday activity or even during meal times to stop boredom setting in.

Sleeping – how to let young children get the sleep they need when they’re not in their own bed
Snoozeshade: a UV protection snooze shade that fits over prams, providing a darkened, shady sleep space for tots (£19.99). This ‘no hassle’ product offers sheer convenience, sun safety and versatility whilst ensuring that the whole family can have a proper holiday whilst your little one sleeps.

Safety – keeping tots safe without the security of home
Milton Sterilising Tablets (£2.29) – an oldie but a goodie! These tablets melt into water to sterilise bottles, dummies and anything else. No need for expensive, clunky gadgets, the Milton Sterilising Tablets are so small, versatile and cost effective that they are an ideal travel product for babies and toddlers.

Feeding – how to enjoy holiday meals without a fuss
Totseat : a fabric high chair alternative (£24.50) which ties to any regular chair. It packs away small, goes in the washing machine and is a ‘no brainer’ product for hungry tots on the go. It’s like having a portable high chair in your pocket.

All round really useful product that will get used daily
Morrck Splasha – soft hooded towelling wrap (£19.95). This is a product that parents would be upset to forget. Brilliant for days on the beach, camping holidays, festivals, next to the swimming pool, after bathtime or just chilling out, the Splasha is one piece of kit kids will use daily, saving on packing lots of extra towels and clothes.

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