Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hipp Hipp for your baby's 5 A Day!

HiPP Organic, which can claim to be the original organic baby food company, is delighted to announce the arrival of its brand new range of organic Fruit Pouches, specially developed for babies from four months onwards. Placing their consumers at the heart of everything they do, HiPP Organic understood that mums -and dads!- were looking for their well-renowned tasty, nutritious products in a more convenient format.

They also established that whilst adults are aware of what constitutes their ‘five a day’, the same portion size does not apply to toddlers and babies. HiPP Organic has therefore cleverly placed up to two individual portions of puréed fruit in each pouch, helping parents provide baby with some of their five a day in a simple and convenient way.

To further educate parents readily seeking the importance of 'five a day', HiPP Organic has also developed a comprehensive resource on their website to indicate the recommended portion size for a widespread number of fruit and vegetables.

Made from the finest organic fruits, crammed with 100% natural goodness, the Fruit Pouches are available in four scrumptious flavours – ‘Apple, Strawberry & Banana’, ‘Banana, Pear & Mango,’ ‘Mango, Apple & Peach’ and ‘Peach, Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry’…guaranteed to incentivise little ones to consume wholesome fruit in a much more fun and enjoyable way!

Not only do they serve as the ideal snack between meals, they can also be enjoyed as a tasty dessert. And even better, each of HiPP Organic’s delicious recipes contain no added sugar, ensuring babies really are being fed the very best of organic.

Compact enough to squeeze into your baby changing bag or a handbag, HiPP Organic Fruit Pouches are perfect for busy mums and dads on-the-go. And the re-sealable lid enables the fruit to be retained for later use.

Fruit Pouches are the latest addition to an all encompassing range of popular HiPP Organic products including; a tasty array of organic Jars offering endless recipe combinations across all stages of babies development, resealable Wholesome Pots comprising exciting ingredients & textures, Refreshing Drinks made using the finest organic fruit juices and mineral water, wholesome & nutritious toddler Tray Meals created especially for growing appetites and the Little Nibbles Finger Foods range specially designed for healthy in-between meal snacking.

Priced at 99p, HiPP Organic Fruit Pouches are available in Sainsbury’s & Waitrose amongst other stores. To check availability of HiPP Organic products, you can visit their stockists page.

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