Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Little Terra Helps Children Take Cover In The Sun With UV Resistant Clothing

Little Terra went to Australia to find a modern, workable solution to protect children in the UK from the sun – whatever they are doing.

The children’s retailer has researched the market and chosen to stock the Radicool 100+ UPF Skins range, from Australia.

It now offers a range of tops, shorts, hats and all-in-one suits that combine an exciting, colourful style with optimum protection from UV rays.

Little Terra’s managing director, and mother of two, Carolyn Budding has overseen the introduction of the range. She said: “When it comes to sun protection the Australians are really switched-on.

“We’ve looked carefully at the ranges on the market and really liked the fact their clothing offers a high UPF rating of 100+, which offers an exceptional level of protection and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

“Whilst many parents apply suncream regularly to their children, they might think that their clothes offer similar protection.

“However, lightweight clothing generally offers a relatively low UPF.

“Aside from the best protection available, we’ve found Radicool's fabric is extremely dense and robust and with proper care easily copes with chlorinated water. The clothes are comfortable to wear and the fabric breathes and dries quickly.

“The quality means they will be able to be used over and over again as ‘pass me downs’ to other children, with the UV protection remaining intact.

“Children and parents who have carried out some trials at home and on holidays for us have been really pleased with the range. Children find them easy to pull on and off and enjoy running around in comfort with no restrictions.

“Parents enjoy the reassurance of the UV protection and other features such as the extremely lightweight fabric which needs no ironing, making it ideal for holiday packing or packing for a day out.”

Visit www.littleterra.co.uk to find out more.

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