Monday, 23 July 2012

Sleep-pod™ baby sleep shade arrives in time for sunshine and sport

Outlook Australia, creator of the original, multi-award winning shade-a-babe™, has added a new, ultra-breathable sleep shade to its range. Called the sleep-pod™, the new shade is designed to help babies nap-on-the-go and to protect them from sun, glare, wind and cold.

Featuring a roll-down blackout blind and a fully opening solarscreen mesh viewing panel, sleep-pod can be used in four different ways to screen 73% to 99% of UV and to regulate airflow to suit conditions. Marking it out from other similar products, sleep-pod™ has been intelligently designed to:

• Work in a variety of temperatures and climates – ideal for the UK and as a holiday must-have
• High levels of safety – In line with the latest SunSmart recommendations, the shade offers a careful balance between sun protection and healthy, limited sun exposure to ensure the child gets enough Vitamin D, ‘the sunshine vitamin’.
• More than a sun shade – helps baby sleep when out and about
• Easy view – the baby can see out, and parents can easily keep an eye on baby
“We have always avoided making baby shades that completely cover in a UPF50+ total sun block. It’s a very thick fabric and for babies,you need airflow, to ensure the baby doesn’t get too hot under the shade.” says Eileen Hoey-Slocombe, founder of Outlook Australia, experts in baby sun safety. “It also seems a shame to spoil the baby’s enjoyment of the sunshine and the outdoors as babies need some exposure to sunlight each day to help them produce Vitamin D.”
The sleep-pod is also suitable for use indoors to help babies sleep in public places such as playgroups and restaurants and fits most front and rear facing single or twin buggies with individual canopies. It can also be used in the car with the black-out blind rolled up for extra, required airflow.

The sleep-pod™ is available in three colours: Stone, Steel and Black and is available for £19.99 at

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