Monday, 30 April 2012

New Teddy Tennis iPhone/iPad App for Children Aged 2 – 6

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Inspiring Activity and Creativity in a World of Tennis!

Teddy Tennis, a children’s sports and lifestyle company, today announced the release of The Teddy Tennis Sticker Book, a fun creative App for iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch that will inspire kids (aged 2-6) and provide them with hours of FUN.

“The Teddy Tennis Sticker Book is aimed at providing young children with an exciting multimedia experience for learning and play,” said Richard Bean, co-founder of Teddy Tennis. “All the images and music that we have applied in the App we also use when teaching Teddy Tennis. It works brilliantly on the tennis court and it will do the same when children are playing on iPad/iPhones.”

Victoria Hatch, director of Nyx Digital, the developer of the App said, “When I first heard about Teddy Tennis I knew the programme would be ideal to develop into an App. Throughout its development, my 2 year old Eleanor provided invaluable help in market testing the product. She loves it and I am confident that young children everywhere will love it too.”

There are two modes of play with the The Teddy Tennis Sticker Book, each mode offering different elements of fun and creativity.

Stickers: The Sticker Game is based around the characters, images and music that are used in Teddy Tennis. It involves activity with a multiple selection of backgrounds and stickers.

Stamps: The Stamp game which combines sound effects, stamp images of Teddy Tennis characters and the opportunity to create freehand images and drawings is particularly creative and is something adults will enjoy too!

How kids aged 2 to 6 can benefit?

- It will stimulate young minds and encourage them to get active and to play Teddy Tennis like the bears at the Teddy Tennis Academy.
- It’s great fun
- Encourages creativity especially using the ‘Stamp Mode’ where children can freehand draw with coloured crayons
Why parents will love the app?
- It’s great fun to play.
- It encourages creativity
- Great characters and music will keep the child hooked for hours
- It will inspire children to get active and learn to play tennis
- The App is free to download and play
- Multiple background images and stickers
- Includes a selection of Teddy Tennis music
- Camera icon to send on pictures email addresses
- Upgrade option for more background images and stickers

The Teddy Tennis Sticker book is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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