Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Marks & Spencer Launches Online Maternity Bra Advice Tool

Iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer today launches an online advice tool which gives pregnant women advice on maternity bras and breast health, tailored to their exact stage of pregnancy.

The tool is available online within the Lingerie area of and features advice from Julia Mercer, Lingerie Technical Manager at M&S. It allows users to select how many weeks’ pregnant they are and generates an advice guide specifically for that stage of pregnancy.

Julia says: “Women should get their breasts measured every six months in order to ensure that they’re wearing the correct size bra, but during pregnancy regular visits to a bra fitter are more essential than ever.

“With all the changes occurring in your body there won’t ever be a time when it’s more important to be comfortable.

“This new tool will help pregnant ladies identify the stages at which they should get fitted and understand the importance of doing so.”

Research by Mintel suggests maternity bras are an essential purchase for mums-to-be, who appreciate their importance and the health implications of wearing an ill-fitting bra, especially during pregnancy.

As one of the UK’s most popular and trusted underwear retailers Marks & Spencer hopes that the online advice tool will give women everything they need to make an informed decision when purchasing their maternity underwear.

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